Ezee eCommerce Traffic Calculator

eCommerce traffic calculator
eCommerce traffic calculator
The number of daily visitors you need are: X Total visitors: Y How many sales you need to get: Z
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The Use of eCommerce Traffic Calculator?

As the name suggests, the eCommerce traffic calculator gives the exact number of users that you need to earn X amount of profit. But what will you do knowing that? Well, one of the most important KPIs in an eCommerce business is Conversion Rate (CR). CR plays a major role in your business as most of the revenue depends on it. 

If you know how much traffic you need to achieve the set benchmark, you can do the marketing as per requirement.

Importance of Ezee eCommerce Traffic Calculator?

Without an eCommerce traffic calculator, you will be shooting arrows in the dark. You won’t know how much traffic you want to bring to your site to achieve the set profit goal.

eCommerce is all about setting goals, achieving them and scaling your business to earn more. The major source of revenue of any eCommerce business is sales. If you don’t know how much traffic you need to get X amount of sales, do you think you will be able to achieve all your goals in the set amount of time? If yes, think again!

How Does Ezee Traffic Calculator Work?

Our eCommerce traffic calculator is extremely easy to use:

Input the following things in the calculator:

  • The industry you sell products in
  • Your desired profit
  • In how many days do you want to get the mentioned profit

Hit the ‘Calculate’ button then, you will get the following output:

  • The number of visitors you need daily
  • Visitor you want on your store in X amount of days (You filled the X value in the tab in how many days)
  • Number of sales required
  • Average order value in your industry
  • Average conversion rate in your industry

Is Ezee eCommerce Traffic Calculator Free to Use?

You can use Ezee eCommerce traffic calculator free of cost and for uncountable times.

What eCommerce Businesses Should Leverage It?

All kinds of businesses should use this eCommerce traffic calculator as planning profit is the most crucial thing in eCommerce. Some of the major niches that our calculator has are:


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