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write for us
write for us

We are glad that you would like to contribute an article to our blog. Our blog’s main audience is Shopify entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and other individuals involved in the eCommerce world. So here are some guidelines to help you get going with your guest post:


  • eCommerce platforms users and more generally, e-commerce entrepreneurs
  • E-commerce specialist
  • Digital Marketing specialist

Please contact us first on the contact form page and send us topic ideas and after markup to increase chances that your post will be published and will follow our content manager standards.


  1. Original content: Do not use previously posted articles or part of articles, do not copy from existing publications
  2. Clear and organized: Make sure to separate your text in different parts, with their own titles, sub-titles, paragraphs.
  3. Length: The article should be 1500 to 4500 words.
  4. Enhanced parts: Try to include relevant quotes, statistics, with their source
  5. Links: All quotes, statistics and data should be linked to the original sources. Make sure to use recent data and statistics.  Please include at least 2 internal links to another article on our blog and 2 external links to other articles or websites
  6. Focus: The focus should be to educate the reader, provide advices, tips and example when possible
  7. Author: Include a short introduction and bio about the writer
  8. SEO: Multiple backlinks should be included in the article leading to other article from our blog and links to other articles or websites in relation with the content
  9. Statistics: Use current statistics. All links, research, and statistics are checked prior to publishing. We don’t accept any references published before 2016.  
  10. Self-promotion: Don’t use the article for self-promotion. Follow Pareto’s principle – 80 percent of the content should be helpful, educational, or entertaining. The remaining 20 percent or less can be sales-oriented.
  11. Bio: Please include a brief author’s bio. 


    We are open to suggestions about the topic of the article, even for self-promotion pieces. 


If you have any questions feel free to contact our content strategy manager Omer Ben on our contact form page we promise that he will get back to you soon!