20 Social Media Marketing Tips for Online Stores You Must Know

20 Social Media Marketing Tips for Online Stores You Must Know
20 Social Media Marketing Tips for Online Stores You Must Know

Want to grow your business? Well one hugely effective way to do that is through social
media marketing. Even the biggest businesses use these platforms to promote

Gone are the days when billboards were the most effective way to reach your audience.
Today; Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter ads can gain more direct access to
the audience you want to reach.

Many startups now focus on social media marketing. Although it may feel like a big task
to deal with multiple social media platforms, in this article we will learn how easy and
effective it can be to manage your social media marketing.

It doesn’t matter whether you have been using social media for years or have just joined
in recently. There is always room for improvement. In this article, we’ll share with you
some of the most valuable tips to improve your social media marketing skills.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Any Platform

Social Media has slowly entered our lives and has changed the world completely. With
most of the world using social media at this point, you need strategies to find your target

These social media marketing tips will help get you as near as possible to your online
marketing goals.

  1. Plan A Detailed Layout Of Your Goals And Objectives.

Before working in any field, you need to plan your goals and strategies. Social media
marketing strategies are no different. To sustain growth in social media marketing, you
need to plan around primary business goals and focus on your target market.

planning a great social media marketing tip

Always write your goals down if you want to achieve them. Breaking down your main
goals into smaller ones can help you achieve your main objectives. Make targets for
your goals, for example how many followers do you want? Make deadlines, and
timelines for your strategies.

  1.  Gain Knowledge About Your Audience

Knowing your audience is a crucial step towards growing your business on a social
media platform. By interacting with your audience through posts, comments and
messages you will get to know them better.

All of this will also help you build a better, more personal relationship with your customer

social media marketing tip for gaining audience knowledge

You can learn alot about the interests of your audience through social media. Running
customer response surveys, observing demographics, collecting feedback and getting
insights about their action on your profile.

When you gain this knowledge of your customers, it will become easier to target their
interests. It will help to promote the growth of your online store.

  1. Plan Contests And Giveaways To Boost Your Social Media Strategy

To keep your audience engaged in your services, you can plan events like contests and
giveaways. These will encourage them to participate and remain connected for more
upcoming events. Incentives and rewards can be powerful tools to keep your customers
connected with you.

planning contests the best social media marketing tip

Also, you can add tasks such as Like my Facebook page or tag your friend in the comments below promoting the page further.  

  1. Develop Your Social Media Content Carefully

Everything you post in your social media profile needs to be in keeping with your
general marketing strategies, be in tune with your audience’s sentiments, and avoid
anything offensive of course!

developing social media content

Creating good quality content has a crucial role in promoting your business. Depending
upon the type of social media platform, learn to target different uses of each platform.
For example, LinkedIn works as an excellent platform to promote B2B services and
Instagram has an efficient interface for using short videos and still images.

  1.  Write High Quality Content

High quality content can trigger algorithms on social media. When you start writing
unique content, it can help bring traction to your posts. Be creative and try to connect
with your audience’s taste.

writing content copies

Use witty sentences and powerful words to attract the attention of the viewer to your
page. Also, you can use links to blog posts, web pages, or other content you have

  1. Don’t Reveal Your Cards Too Soon

You can’t expect people to reach out to your social media channel to offer immediate
commitment. It takes time, effort, and trust on both sides. Keeping your tactics hiddencan work in your favour. Instead of showing all your content in the beginning, you should
gradually release content on a regular basis. This creates a consistent interest.

keeping your sales tactics hidden

A simple way of encouraging trust is to show the benefits of a product. Let’s say you
want to make a campaign about a travel bag you are selling.. You can discuss its
advantages and show it in action. You can use strategies to encourage sharing of the
post and engagement such as offering discount codes.

Later, you can refer back to the competition in posts and then move on to a new
campaign. So don’t use all your ideas at once!

  1. Use Video Content In Your Social Media Strategies

Video content has taken social media marketing to another level. But, if you have
isolated yourself from the world (literally!), you may not take it seriously since videos
often cater to a younger generation. Not every person visiting your page is a reader.
Some may avoid reading long posts. In such situations, video content works as a tool
for engaging your audience without them having to put in any effort.

use video content on social media

There are several ways that you can connect to your viewers such as live videos,
stories, visual posts, or sharing the link to a page on your website containing a video.
Try using a combination of live videos and video posts that can engage the audience in
different ways.

  1. Use Creative Images & Designs

Creative and attractive images used for promotions help with attracting customers. You
don’t need to be a professional content creator or graphic designer to make appealing
images. Today, there are various tools like Canva that even beginners can use to create
amazing templates. Avoiding a middle man can also keep your focus on providing
content relevant to your customers.

use creative images and designs on social media

Take an example of a cosmetic product, you can create images that revolve around your beauty product. Focus on creating images like:

  • Cover pictures of your business profile
  • Upload your logo as the profile picture
  • Get stock-free images from various sites
  • Search for ideas related to your business on Pinterest

Before making any design for your page, make sure you know the actual dimensions. For example, you can upload posts of square (1080X1080) or portrait dimensions (1350X1080) on Instagram.

  1. Use Pinterest to Strategize Posts

Pinterest has become an extremely useful and popular social media platform over the
years. It has also become one of the most used search engines because people use it
to find creative ideas.

use pinterest to market your product

Pinterest can take your business to the next level and we really mean it because it
offers a better engagement rate than Facebook and Instagram combined. Want to know
more about it? Here we’ve written almost everything about Pinterest Marketing.

  1. Use Innovative Tools

The tools you use on your social platform hold great significance. If you have the right
tools, you can strengthen your social media profile.

There are many tools that can help you optimise your approach towards social media

use innovative social media tools

For example, Buffer is an efficient tool that lets you manage every step you take on your
social media marketing process. It saves you from sinking into a whirlpool of posts and
lets you manage various platforms easily. There are also various other integrations and
plugins that can be used to schedule posts, read insights, gauge competitors and so on.
Just google the task you need to complete and check the results!

  1. Join Various Public And Private Facebook Groups

Facebook gives you a platform to create groups and connect with different people across the globe. In public groups, you can gain admission without getting permission from the admin. 

With private groups, you need to ask the admin to grant permission to join, but they are
a great way to find like-minded individuals.

join facebooks groups

These groups can help you to promote your business within a space where you already
have your target market altogether. For example – you can be sure that a group called
“Bag Enthusiasts” will have people interested in bags!

Promoting your brand in these groups becomes more effective after having a few
conversations with group members. That way, people trust you. Other than this, there
are several benefits of joining these groups:

  • Attract traffic to your profile
  • Promote your sales and services indirectly
  • Authentic connection to your targeted audience
  • Generate a profitable email list 

Social Media Marketing Tips Instagram

We have mentioned social media marketing tips for online stores that can work on any platform. Knowing the popularity and fame of Instagram, below are some more social media marketing tips for Instagram. 

social media marketing tips for instagram
  1. Switch To Business Profile

Once you have decided to build a business through Instagram, switch your account to a
business page. It will give a public view of your page to the audience and there are
several benefits of having a business profile:

  • People following you can directly contact you from the social buttons on your page
  • Generate leads for your business conversions
  • Place ads to target a larger audience in your profile
  • Get insights into your viewer’s actions and impressions on your post using Instagram analytic tools
  1. Using Free Instagram Tools

When you have your marketing strategy decided, you can use free Instagram tools to
make your work easier. These tools have a similar user-friendly interface to social
media channels and they will get you information about your viewer’s demographics like
age, location, times they were active, etc.

You can also get insights into a specific picture or video post on your timeline. The
engagement of your page and the number of people to whom your post reached. Also,
the time at which the audience gets highly active.

  1.  Try To Promote Product Teasers

You can entice your audience into buying your products by posting teasers of your
upcoming releases and services in your feed, stories, and now on reels too. Just never
forget the fact that pushing your audience into buying your service can make them
unfollow you. Therefore, keep your content simple.

Instagram can become a great marketing platform if you manage to express your
business in the right way. For example, you come across a video where a girl is
applying mascara, and in the caption, she shares her experience with everyone but
doesn’t ask anyone to buy it – will it not appear more genuine than a post that begins
with an ad?

You should showcase your best products to the customers without asking them to buy,
this will build a desire in them organically. Along with this, you can use integrations to
find the best influencers across different locations and might get their help.

Social Media Marketing Tips For Facebook

Do you think Instagram tips apply to Facebook as well? Not quite, so read on and let us

social media marketing tips for instagram
  1. Select The Right Business Category For Your Page

Facebook lets you choose a business category from the given 6 categories:

  • local business or place
  • company, organization, or institution
  • artist, band, or public figure
  • entertainment
  • cause or community

Choosing the right category can affect the marketing of your business. For example, a local business or place can set restrictions to the engagement based on your physical location.

  1. Try To Use A Vanity Url

A vanity URL is a Pseudo URL that simplifies your URL address for the viewers to remember. These URLs are simpler than the ones auto-generated at the time of page creation. Besides, it gets you a higher SEO score for your business profile. 

Your page gets a new look with a more professional web address.

  1. Optimize Your Posts

Optimizing your posts results in a higher SEO score, which means your posts will be
more likely to appear in search engines.

Facebook has a lot of opportunities to use visual content, for instance you can use your
logo as your profile picture. Make sure to use a simple and attractive image for your
cover picture.

In addition to this, Image SEO is important so make sure to use appropriate tags,
names and geo-tagging. Also, a high-resolution post will take time to load, decreasing
the overall speed of your page. So use medium-res photos.

Tips to Leverage Youtube Successfully

In the age of influencers, Youtube has emerged as a great leads generator. By working
on various strategies, you can make a successful youtube page to promote your

social media marketing tips for youtube

Following are some tips on how to grow your Youtube channel successfully:

  1. Write Engaging Titles On Your Video

While uploading a video on your Youtube channel, try using a title that is simple and
eye-catching. A title that catches the attention of the viewer gets a high engagement
value. A title with a catchy line or phrase works as a clickbait to bring a large audience
to your video.

  1. Video Optimization

If you want people to view more of your videos, try optimizing them so that Google can
notice. A video having an SEO score of more than 70% has a high potential to get a
notice from Google. Furthermore, if you want to get more engagement, try using the
words that people are most likely to search on Google. In my opinion, you can try
Google Autosuggest. By doing so, your video will have a higher chance of getting
noticed by Google.

  1. Give Your Audience What They Want

It’s your audience that gives you recognition. Try making videos your viewers want to
see more than presenting videos that you want them to see. By figuring out things your
audience wants from you, you will get more views and thus more attention to your

While planning any video content, look at your competitors and assess their work. Make sure to provide content better or equivalent to your biggest rival. By competing, you will get encouraged to strive for excellence in your work.

Why Should You Leverage Social Media for Your Ecommerce Business In 2021

More and more people are interacting with each other online. They like to blend into
online communities to figure their problems out. And guess what? This is where you can
be a problem-solver.

Social media platforms have turned into a hub of potential customers for every
business. And if you can tap into that potential, the sky’s the limit for what it can do for
your business potential.

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