Lucky Orange Shopify App Review – Optimize Your Conversions Effectively

Lucky Orange Shopify app gives you various tools that reduce cart abandonment and increase your sales.  More importantly, it gives a detailed report of the people that are most and the least active.

Now you must be wondering how is it even possible to track people like that? Well, thanks to the heatmaps and several other representations techniques that they have put inside the app. 

Not only this, with the help of A/B testing, CTA, and other elements positioning, you can easily increase conversion. 

Alright, now I’ll quickly run you through the app’s features, pricing, and anything you need to know about Orange Shopify app. 

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Features of Lucky Orange App Shopify

The Advanced Real-Time Dashboard

  • Acknowledge the currently active members on your Shopify store
  • Know every place a visitor visits your store right from the time they began their shopping journey on your store to the end 
  • Chat with the visitors and let them know that you’re just co-browsing with them
  • Show your store traffic displaying the world map on any place on the store
  • Get real-time notifications and alerts for every new visitor 
  • Monitor several parameters such as top sources of traffic, conversion funnels KPI, business-related tweets, etc.

See Recordings & Optimize Conversions

  • Get a readymade recording of what every visitor is doing, analyze it, and know what is stopping them from being a customer
  • Do the easy filtering of numerous recordings based on browser, OS, source, location, device etc.
  • Create a parameter of your own, like a customer ID that you can feed to Lucky Orange to make a filter
  • Let your customers record videos for help so that you can see what exactly they’re doing wrong 

Dynamic Heatmaps to Know Every Click on Your Store

  • See every click, scroll, and move your customers are making on your Shopify store
  • Watch the heat map update live 
  • Switch pages, toggle dropdowns, and open pop-ups to analyze the each activity 
  • Take a screenshot and save it for later use 
  • Filter heatmaps by various segmentation options like browser, device type, date range etc.
  • Save heatmaps for later use
  • See what happened before or even after clicking various images and buttons on your store

Chat With Customers and Solve Their Issues

  • Chat with your customers with the help of features like ‘asking them to chat’, ‘the available to chat’, and ‘invite customers to chat’
  • The chat widget is both mobile and desktop responsive
  • Customize the chat box color, size, looks, and feels the way you want
  • See your customer’s screen while you have a chat with them to know if the chat box looks good 
  • Enable pointer to highlight anywhere on the visitor’s screen through the chat box and solve their problems
Lucky Orange Shopify App Review

Create Conversion Funnels and Get Rid of Cart Abandonment

  • Create unlimited easy funnels based on behavior tags or any other parameter you want
  • Identify the pain points of your customers by analyzing your conversion funnels
  • Get instant notification about the cart abandonment by any visitor so you can retarget them and make sales

Identify Problem Areas in Your Forms with Form Analytics

  • Identify the weak points in your form. You can see what the user has typed in before abandoning the cart. If the percentage bar is high for a field, modify or remove the field because a high percentage means customers are abandoning the cart because of the  field in the form.
  • See how long a person takes to fill up every field in the form via video recordings
  • Identify the field that takes the longest to fill and try optimizing the time
  • Look at the sequence of form fill ups to know your customers in a much better way 
Boost Conversion with Lucky Orange Shopify App Heatmaps

Design Perfect Polls that Bring Conversions

  • Create feedback polls to know what’s wrong with your store 
  • Show polls to only those pages that you want them on 
  • These polls may help you catch leaving customers
  • Create special polls depending upon the country they reside in, the device they use, and the browsers they surf on
  • Customize the poll design, color, and looks via the poll dashboard 

How Much Does Lucky Orange Shopify App Cost?

When it comes to Lucky Orange pricing, 5 different plans are out there. Unfortunately, there’s no lifetime free plan for us. But hey, you get a 7-day free trial with any plan you choose. Started to feel lucky already?

How much does Lucky Orange Shopify App Cost?

Alright! The payment can be done monthly, yearly, and bi-yearly. In case you’re looking for discounts, here’s the deal. Get 10% and 30% discounts on yearly and bi-yearly payments, respectively.

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Is Lucky Orange Shopify App Worth Trying?

Having a conversion optimization app is a must for any Shopify store. With Lucky Orange, you get numerous features to optimize your store. The most important of them being the dynamic heat maps and cart abandonment reduction tools.

I think the app is totally worth a try. Although the platform is not free, you can get a 7-day free trial. If you won’t like it, you may cancel and there’s no need to pay. 

Just remember, the app can do wonders to your Shopify store if you leverage it in the right way. So, make sure to use every feature of the app to its fullest!

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