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Amazon Affiliate WP Plugins

From links to images – these Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin can automate your entire eCommerce business. 

Even though these plugins are similar, each has a unique ability. To find more about them, keep reading and I’m sure your eCommerce journey would be productive.

10 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins to Manage And Boost Sales


Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin or AAWP is a power-packed plugin. It has numerous features to profitably promote Amazon products.

aawp is a great amazon affiliate wordpress plugin

With AAWP, you can insert Amazon affiliate links as normal text links, descriptive data fields, or product boxes. 

Not only this, it comes with great customization options which include:

  • Pre-built templates
  • Different variations for product boxes
  • Dynamic text links
  • Widgets

This plugin’s consistent updates and responsive customer support make it stand out. 

Features of AAWP

  • Automatic refreshment of affiliate links with trending products
  • Facilitates comparison of multiple products with product comparison tables
  • Automatic update of Product information with Amazon’s Product Advertising API
  • Enables flexible configuration via plugin settings
  • Geo-targeting for foreign visitors
  • Creates automatic affiliate links and personal tracking id
  • Automated creation of Bestseller and New Releases list for increased appeal
  • Enables caching to store the product information 
  • Many display templates and PHP templating for custom presentations
  • Offers SSL/HTTPS support
  • Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support
  • Built-in German developer and English support
  • The plugin translates into 5 languages
  • Extra commissions by referring new Prime memberships

How Much Does AAPW Cost?

pricing of amazon affiliate wordpress plugin

Thirsty Affiliates 

To earn good revenue with minimal effort, go with Thirsty Affiliates plugin. 

thirsty amazon affiliate wordpress plugin

For better management services, Thirsty Affiliates offer link cloaking and safe redirection.

It also has the option to track the stats of every single click made by the visitors on your WordPress page. 

By the way, the pro version of this plugin includes automatic keyword linking, automatic statistics reports, API importing, and much more.

Features of Thirsty Affiliates

  • Automatic affiliate link creation with suitable keywords
  • Increases conversion rates with geolocation links for international clicks
  • Keeps your affiliate links up to date with proactive link fixer
  • Prevents error pages with automatic 404 checker
  • Smart option to uncloak links when needed
  • Supports CSV import /export
  • Supports importing from third-party APIs
  • Link cloaking defends against commission theft
  • Tight integration with Google Analytics Events

How Much Does Thirsty Affiliates Cost?

cost of thirsty affiliate plugin


AzonPress setup Amazon affiliate links in minutes. It also specializes in presenting them to your audience in the most lucrative way. 

azon press affiliate plugin

With AzonPress, you can easily create product tables, comparison tables, and bestseller lists. 

It has a built-in design mode where you can choose a preferable styling library for your tables.

And guess what? All of this comes with a responsive UI. 

In a nutshell, AzonPress is an all-in-one WordPress affiliate links management plugin.

Features of AzonPress

  • Responsive product tables and product comparison tables
  • Interactive drag-and-drop feature
  • Installation takes only 2 minutes
  • Automatic product updates
  • Easy and flexible customization
  • Enables use of shortcodes for repeated usage
  • Tracks referral links accurately
  • Various color skins and layouts
  • Multiple styling libraries
  • Fully responsive links
  • Geo-targeting links to automatically redirect users to their local Amazon
  • API call smart caching for loading selected products
  • 7-days money-back guarantee

How Much Does AzonPress Cost?

cost of azon press plugin


WZone is renowned as the best WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate plugin in the market.

wzone amazon affiliate wordpress plugin

This plugin was introduced in 2012 and has been constantly evolving ever since.

This smart plugin has an array of features with unique import settings including:

  • Automated link correction
  • Display of tags and labels
  • Integration with other Amazon utilities

WZone also offers complete online documentation of its configuration. 

This in turn helps newbie affiliates and bloggers to manage affiliate business. 

Features of WZone

  • Easy to check your conversion rates with Amazon Associates Reports
  • Works best with PA API 5 version
  • Amazon Remote Images option gathers product images directly from Amazon’s CDN
  • New Amazon Associates for Netherlands and Singapore affiliate ids
  • Automatically syncs products without Product Advertising Keys
  • Supports Amazon dropshipping
  • Display badges and flags to indicate the relevance of your product
  • Excellent on-page optimization for Amazon products with its Automated Amazon Content Spinner
  • Translate front end using the String Translation tab
  • Use multiple Amazon API Keys
  • Supports Amazon cross-selling feature including Frequently Brought Together products
  • Customizable import attributes, price variations, and other import settings
  • Keeps track of Amazon products using WZone reports

How Much Does WZone Cost?

If you wish to check the trial first, download WZone Lite for free, and later switch to the regular plan.

wzone pricing


AAPro is one of the best-selling WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate plugins that come with tons of free themes and unlimited layouts. 

aapro affiliate plugin

This plugin can import single or multiple products with high-quality images. 

Like the other plugins, AAPro also has an auto data updater that refreshes data according to the changes we see in the Amazon store.

Features of AAPro

  • Facilitates checking of server configuration and website status
  • Allows to download website statistics and user behavior data
  • Amazon API usage can be limited with API control
  • Supports easy configuration and setup
  • Enables creation of wishlist for customer satisfaction
  • Special module to store analytics about the user’s response to affiliate links
  • Multiple search methods including on-site, remote, and auto search
  • Supports import of multiple products at the same time
  • Allows to put tags on products denoting their popularity and relevance
  • Unlimited layouts for versatile and responsive designs
  • Supports widgets

How Much Does AAPro Cost?

AAPro is an affiliate plugin available on Codecanyon that’s available for just $29. 

aapro pricing

With AmaLinks Pro, you can set table layouts according to your needs. Each layout can give you a different approach that would fit your audience best. 

amalinks pro plugin

This smart little plugin lets you create both vertical and horizontal comparison tables. 

It also supports affiliates with or without Amazon API access.

So when you won’t have access to the Amazon Product Advertising API, you can make use of No-API mode. 

  • Showcase boxes for displaying product information, reviews, and links
  • Amazon compliant ‘Buy on Amazon’ buttons for a better click-through-rates
  • Responsive product comparison tables
  • Simple and configurable modern product box designs
  • Amazon compliant pictures and product title pulled directly from Amazon API
  • Includes Affiliate API Disclaimer for complying with Amazon policies
  • Includes compelling CTA buttons 
amalinks pricing


EasyAzon creates Amazon Affiliate Links in a snap. It comes in a free as well as a Pro version. 

Since 2011, EasyAzon has been regularly updating the plugin for better performance. 

easyazon amazon affiliate wordpress plugin

If we talk about the EasyAzon Pro, it has additional features like automated link cloaking, link localization, and much more.

You can download the free version to create text affiliate links. These links can be toggled to open in new windows. 

You can also apply the nofollow attribute if necessary. 

Features of EasyAzon

  • Easy to control affiliate links using the site defaults
  • Create text affiliate links directly from Amazon
  • Supports every location that has an Amazon Associates affiliate program
  • Built-in automatic link localizer for leading international visitors to the Amazon locale store
  • Built-in product pop up scripts for more clicks and commissions
  • Access to Amazon Affiliate Training

How Much Does EasyAzon Cost? 

Even though EasyAzon is available for free, its free version has no match to the Pro one. 

easyazon pricing

To display Amazon Affiliate links with minimal effort, leverage Amazon Auto Links. 

amazon auto links for wordpress

Using this plugin, you can add desired products from Amazon by picking the categories that suit your site. 

Right after choosing your desired products, you can manually insert ads or use auto-insert. 

This way, you can display only selected units on your main page. 

In case you’re familiar with coding and PHP, you can also create your own design templates. 

In addition to this, Auto Links also supports all Amazon locales.

  • Allows to display desired products in a post using post editor
  • Supports all Amazon Associates locales
  • Works without Javascript 
  • Options to maintain product link as static and unchanged
  • Geo-targeting feature to redirect users to their local Amazon links
  • Hyperlinks in the post can be transformed to associate affiliate links
  • Enables filtering of products that you don’t wish to display
  • Allows exportation of ads into external sites with feed
  • Variable size of thumbnails for products
  • Allows URL cloaking to prevent link blocking
  • Enables shuffling of product links

Amazon Auto Links is free to use.

Pretty Links is an outstanding plugin that compresses and beautifies any URL of your choice. 

pretty links amazon affiliate wordpress plugin

Like most of the plugins, Pretty Links also cloaks links in a short and appealing way. 

This plugin also gives a detailed report of customer activity and click rates. 

Besides this, Pretty Links also has a custom link shortener and URL redirection tool for added support.

  • Importer makes it easy  to import existing links
  • Offers link shortening service using Pretty Links public link creation tab
  • Trim clicks option to frequently clear old links
  • Endpoint URL feature to generate Pretty Links for another application
  • Custom Bookmarklet option to create multiple links of your choice
  • Offers timely keyword replacement with Pretty Links URL
  • Nofollow feature can be added to links to avoid search engines 
  • Customized CSS styling for keyword replacements
  • Facilitates insertion of link to disclosure (if necessary)
pretty links pricing

Easy Affiliate Links creates a fully self-hosted affiliate program for your WordPress site.

easy affiliate links wordpress plugin

There is a special Admin panel to handle the overall functioning of your affiliate links. 

This way you can get accurate stats, click rates, and conversion rates.

Other than this, Easy Affiliate Links also offers high-end security from possible affiliate frauds. 

This amazing plugin also comes with an elaborate User Manual to make the task easy for beginners. 

  • Special affiliate dashboard where we get updates metrics, payments, and other activities
  • Real-time clicks and affiliate stats reporting for a vibrant marketing
  • Improved security with unique services to prevent fraudulent activities
  • Seamless integration with eCommerce sites like WooCommerce, MemberPress, PayPal, etc.
  • Aligns with MailChimp and ActiveCampaign for flawless email marketing
  • Easy payouts with an option to use one-click payouts
  • No additional transaction fees to pay affiliates
  • Fully responsive and featured affiliate links
  • Enables to track commissions with smart Amazon Commission Override Rules
  • Custom link generation to make affiliate marketing easier
  • Built-in Affiliates Application process to channelize your affiliate requests
  • Automatic fraud detection services
  • Offers payment integration for recurring payments with popular eCommerce sites 

You can download a free version of Easy Affiliate Links from the WordPress repository.

However, if you wish to upgrade to a higher plan, you can purchase the premium version for $29.

easy affiliate links pricing
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