Judge Me Shopify App Review – Best Product Review App in 2021

Judge me shopify app post cover
Judge me shopify app post cover

Having products reviewed by your customer is beneficial in many ways. Judge Me Shopify app lets you collect reviews for your e-store products. Besides, it collects data about your product’s performance and gives you a social proof to build trust. 

It’s a tough task to ask your customers for feedback. With the help of Judge Me, you can automate the whole process. The only thing you would need afterward is the analysis and a little optimization. 

Wanna know what else Judge Me can pull off? Alright, let’s just see it. 

Judge Me Shopify App Features 

Judge Me Shopify app review

Get Great Conversions with Judge Me App

  • Collects reviews so that you can display them on your product page 
  • Creates a review carousel that can be placed anywhere in your Shopify store
  • Adds a floating tab on each product page to make your reviews stand out
  • Builds a dedicated review page for special promos 
  • Judge Shopify app makes it easy for you to customize reviews in a straightforward way.  

Automatic Review Collection

To display reviews in your store, you need to collect them first. With the Judge Me app, you can collect them automatically. Let me show you how it’s done:

  • Schedule review requests so that customers can know that normal people leave reviews after buying something 
  • Choose an appropriate time for sending review requests to your customers (who reviews at midnight?) 
  • Send your customers messages via push notification and keep reminding them that they’re supposed to leave a review 
  • Collect more reviews via SMS requests from mobile-savvy people
  • Design email templates with simple drag & drop, build sequence for emails, and A/B test them
  • Send emails in a language that your customer can decode 
  • Export the product reviews from other platforms like AliExpress or as CSV

Beautify Reviews by Consolidating Them in One Place

  • Manage and rearrange all reviews in one place
  • Automatically Publish your reviews by setting predetermined conditions 
  • Handpick the most amazing reviews, make a carousel and display them to grab special attention
  • Reply to reviews publicly or personally via email
  • Regularly follow-up with your buyers to get reviews  
  • Filter spam reviews on autopilot mode 
  • Translate each review in your preferred language 

Share Reviews on Social Platforms

Sharing on social media will get you more traffic for free. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Set your criteria for a review to be shared on social media platforms
  • Handpick reviews and share them on any social media you like 

Judge Me Shopify App Integrations

There are countless apps that Judge Me can integrate with. Let me show you some of the important ones.

  • Email: Active Campaign, Klaviyo, and Omnisend
  • Marketing: AdMonks, Easy google shopping feed, Frequently bought together, Recomatic, etc
  • Mobile app builder: Vajro 
  • Notifications: Notify, PushOwl, SMSBump, and SMS Notifications
  • Page builder: EasySlide, EasyTab, GemPages, Zipify, etc
  • Rewards: Ekoma, Flits, Gameball, Lina, etc
  • SEO: AMP by Amplify me, JSON-LD, Plugin SEO, SEO manager, etc
  • Shipping: AfterShip, ParcelPanel, Shipway
  • Translation: Weglot

How Much Does Judge Me Shopify App Cost

The Judge Me Shopify app consists of 2 plans. You can go ahead and start off with the Forever free plan spending 0 bucks.

How Much Does Judge Me Shopify App Cost?

After getting the hang of the platform or feel like getting more features, you can always upgrade to the ‘Awesome’ plan for just $15 per month. 

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Pros and Cons of Judge Me Shopify App


  • Gives you unlimited review requesting and posting with the free plan
  • Customize each review as you like
  • Easy to use dashboard which is simple and packed with features


  • Photo and video reviews are only available in the upgraded plan 

Is Judge Me Shopify App Worth It?

A Shopify store without reviews is like food without salt. Reviews serve as proof of a product and make your product much more relatable to customers because another human has already experienced it. 

Having legit reviews on your store increases the trust amongst customers, which leads to high ROI. If you have dreamt about making more money in 2021, a little thing like a review collection might help you get near that goal.

So what are you waiting for? Try out Judge Me because it gives you quite decent features even if you go for the free plan. 

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