Locksmith Lock Content Shopify App Review and Best Practices

Locksmith Lock Content Post Cover
Locksmith Lock Content Post Cover

Please consider this special question before starting to read.

Do you want to understand how to use the LockSmith App to protect and full security to your
Shopify store?
If your answer was positive, read this article to the end and watch the video to follow the best practices of ​ the LockSmith App​ ! Initially, you will understand the possibilities and advantages to protect and hide your pages, online stores, or landing pages. The Locksmith app is really simple to lock and create a key for your online store. Easily, you can put a “lock” on specific items or pages as collections, prices, products, entire pages, and much more. Only with the key, you can access the restricted area. With LockSmith, you create a key with diverse conditions and relate with the specifications to your project. You can easily install the app on your account on the Shopify platform. For example, you can use the LockSmith app to set it for specific customers with a locked area that they’re signed in. Remember that your key can contain many conditions. In other words,
it’s the best ​ Shopify​ App to protect different parts of your shop.
LockSmith​ is used by many Shopify stores to conceal their wholesale products from retail customers. This app is also used for safety and security purposes, special deals, or IP

? LockSmith Shopify Lock Content App ?


  1. Select your page or online store to lock
  2. Get started what would you like to protect or start a Liquid lock
  3. Create a lock of your online store and choose settings appropriated for your store
  4. Read the warning message to protect your pages with secure keys.
  5. Set up key and relevant choices or conditions of your store. Copy the link and do not forget to save your locks.
  6. You can change to lock your unlock your page anytime in accord to the purpose of your locks.
  7. You can use the free trial period with limited features and time. Start your subscription to a complete experience.
  8. Manage your webpages and share information anytime with your team or customers.


With the LockSmith App, you can create a locked page and manage keys for each online store, customer access, special offers to create segmentations. Explore all the features to discover more about this fantastic application. Some objection? Watch the video for practical information!

Define and add “locks” or delete in the final of the dashboard. Don’t forget to read all the information and terms to select the best option for your page. Save and share links and make the custodial of your keys to protect. The LockSmith is the perfect choice to protect or hide a page of your ​ Shopify​ online store with total security. You can try this for different purposes of your customer journey. Check out now the ​ LockSmith​ and optimize your
customer experience and consequently generate more sales.

If you need more information, send your comment here or subscribe to our YouTube channel. It’s really a pleasure to interact with you and help with the success of your online store. We expect that you like our tips and utilize the knowledge to manage the success of your online store!

Do you want a deep experience?

Watch the video below to fully understand with a practical explanation.

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