5+ Dropshipping Tools You Can Leverage to Skyrocket Your Revenue

5 best dropshipping tools

$159+ BILLION – That’s the market size of Dropshipping this year. And guess what? This may rise to $476.1 billion by 2026. 

leveraging dropshipping tools is important because the market is growing

Sure the market is competitive but there’s a way to stay ahead of the dropshipping game. And for that, you need to leverage the best dropshipping tools and resources. 

In this list, I’ve talked about those tools that I’ve used to outcompete with my competitors. 

On 11th May 2006, Google launched this epic tool Google Trends

As the name suggests, this one of those dropshipping tools that lets you know what’s trending.

google trends is an excellent dropshipping tool

When I started my dropshipping store, Google trends was the first tool my mentor recommended. 

Here’s how I leveraged it:

I typed in the keyword “Coffee”-

put the keyword in google trends dropshipping tool

Here’s the trend I got:

resulting trend for your keyword

This graph shows how often Coffee has been searched by Americans in the last 12 months. 

To explore this keyword further, you can also change location, period, category, etc. 

Google Trends is a gold mine for those who sell location-specific products.

Here’s how:

interest by subregion

The interest by subregion section shows you the search volume state-wise.

So if you’re trying to sell coffee in Hawaii, the campaign will be effective. 

Along with this, the related topics and queries section helps you mine keywords for your store’s blog. 

related topics and queries

Anyone will be confused while picking up a trend among these 3: 

  1. Coffee
  2. Tea
  3. Ice cream

In this case, I’ll simply compare trends to ensure success. Here are some trend lines that made my work easier: 

interest over time for multiple keywords

The tool also shows what’s the dominant keyword in every US subregion.

compared breakdown by subregion

Except for South Dakota (tea dominant), every subregion in the USA is coffee dominant.

2. Sell The Trend 

Rush Wi founded Sell The Trend in April 2017.

Like Google Trends is for finding a trending niche, Sell The Trend is for finding viral products!

find products to sell on sell the trend dropshipping tool

Although this dropshipping tool started as a product finder, later it became an all-in-one dropshipping solution. 

Let’s have a look at what this solution has to offer.

  • Product Explorer: 7 million products in 83 varying niches to choose from 
  • Store Automation: From setting a high converting landing page to shipment, everything can be automated 
  • 1-Click Product Import: After finding the perfect product, 1-click is all it takes to import the product to your store
  • Supplier Database: Connect with 1200+ trusted suppliers worldwide 
  • Automated Order Fulfillment: Ship the product and update the customer in a click
  • Marketing Tools: Reach the right audience and get them down to your funnel 
  • NEXUS Product Research: Next-gen AI product research tool that examines 26 data points for each product

3. Oberlo – The Best Dropshipping Product Research Tool

The Slimas brothers, Andrius, and Tomas founded Oberlo in 2015. 

According to Digital – 6,500 Shopify store owners who used Oberlo made $3.6M in sales.

oberlo dashboard

Oberlo has millions of products in almost every niche. More importantly, its data can help you pick most-winning products and details like: 

  • Product Title
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Description

Besides English, there are other popular languages you can choose to work with: 

  1. French
  2. Spanish
  3. Italian
  4. German
  5. Brazilian Portuguese

As far as I know, adding products with Oberlo is super easy. Just install its  Google Chrome extension and press a couple of buttons. 

If I talk about customer service, it’s active 24 X 7. 

4. Dropified – One of the Time-Saving Dropshipping Tools

In 2015, marketeer Chase Bowers founded Dropified.

I’ve leveraged Dropified in the past and have got several winning products out of it!

Here’s a screenshot of my dashboard when I made around 2.2k in just 2 days:

dropified dashboard

The platform has some amazing handpicked suppliers. Each supplier is trustworthy and has competitive products. 

Some of the known and trustworthy suppliers that Dropified has are: 

  • AliExpress
  • eBay
  • Alibaba
  • Etsy
  • Wayfair
  • Wish

You can import products to your store in just 1 click.

1 click product import via dropified

Want to save time? Set up Dropified to automate the whole process from ordering to delivering.

automate dropshipping with dropified

With Dropified, you can bulk order products from different suppliers.

bulk order products from multiple suppliers

For all the products you choose, edit and adjust its:

  • Price markup
  • Price value
  • Compare-at price
  • Default weight unit
  • Fixed weight

You don’t have to sit and do this for each product. 

The tool comes with a default setting that can be applied globally to your store. Just put in the parameters and automate the process.

Dropified also comes with a tracking order feature that enables your customers to live-track orders.

leverage the track my order feature of dropified

#Bonus: When you sign up even for the free version of this tool, you get in-depth training videos. 

5. Ahrefs – A Dropshipping Tool to Get Customers Organically

Dmitry Gerasimenko founded Ahrefs in 2011. Here are some powerful uses of this tool you should know about: 

  • Analyze your store’s traffic, backlinks, traffic value, etc.
  • Spy on your competitors 
  • Check your store’s health
  • Mine money keywords 
get customers organically with ahrefs

When you start a blog, you need keywords for the right direction. And fortunately, Ahrefs has one of the most accurate keyword research data. 

The Keyword Explorer feature allows you to research keywords on Google, YouTube, and Amazon.

leverage ahrefs keyword explorer

Along with On and Off page SEO features, Ahrefs is one of those few dropshipping tools that helps you with technical SEO. 

It has a Site Audit platform where you can check:

  • Crawled URLs
  • Health Score
  • Issues with the site (if any) 
ahrefs site audit platform

Knowing how your website performs on Google is important.

With the Rank Tracker of Ahrefs, you can check your website’s traffic and several other parameters.

rank tracker by ahrefs

To find what type of content is performing great in your niche, leverage Ahref’s Content Explorer.

With content explorer you can:

  • Research topics for your blog page
  • Find linking opportunities
  • Get social and SEO metrics
ahrefs content explorer

6. AutoDS – Leverage Automation & Save Time

Lior Pozin founded AutoDS in 2016. You can leverage the tool only when you’ve a store on: 

  • eBay
  • Shopify
  • Facebook

Here’s a screenshot of the eBay dashboard put up by AutoDS on their site.

autods dashboard

$1k in 18 days to start with isn’t bad at all. Of course, only an experienced person can pull something like this. 


On the positive note, this shows this platform’s capability. 

The AutoDS also has 25+ elite suppliers to choose products from. These suppliers are from the US, EU, and CN. 

autods suppliers worldwide

When it comes to the product tally, you can expect around 500M+ products!

You can import a product you like to your store in a single click.

single click product import

Normally, when your supplier changes the product prices, you have to renegotiate with them manually.

With AutoDS, it’s an automatic process. So no need to manually check the prices every now and then.  

Fulfilled by AutoDS takes care of accepting and processing orders while you’re away from your computer.

accept and send orders automatically with fulfilled by autods

7. Glorify App – A Dropshipping Tool to Create Winning Images

Omar Farook founded Glorify App in 2019. They were a group of 7 people when it all started.

But here’s what they achieved after putting their heart and soul into Glorify for 2 years:

glorify app growth over 2 years

This app is used to create stunning product images which increases conversions.

According to a study by Jerome Bruner, people only remember:

  • 10% of what they listen
  • 20% of what they read
  • 80% of what they see

So creating images that are attractive is one of the most important parts of dropshipping.

leverage glorify to create stunning product images

The app is loaded with features that helps you create attractive product images for your dropshipping store:

  • Create realistic mockups for each product
  • Resize your images to any format quickly
  • Leverage 2 million+ icons imported from Icon8 and Noun project
  • Get a background remover
  • Give objects dimensions to build a 3D image
  • Use 5 million+ photos by Pexels, Pixabay, and Icon8
  • Make a brand kit for your store
  • Spice things up – leverage models from Icon8 in your product images
  • 15k+ templates to choose from
  • Multiple storage options to choose from

But what really sets Glorify apart from other designing apps?

If you consider other tools, some are too basic for a designer and others are simply too advanced for non-designers. 

Glorify has found that sweet spot and struck the right balance. It’s a perfect tool for both designers as well as non-designers.

  1. Google Analytics – Keep Track of Your Store’s Performance

On 14th November 2005, Google launched this historic tool called Google Analytics.

According to BuiltWith, about 28 million website owners have Google Analytics in their toolkit. 

Analytics can analyze and show you how each page of your store is performing.

The Overview tab in Google Analytics shows you the users coming to your store in real-time.

google analytics home

Google Analytics can help you understand your audience better.

The Audience tab tells you a lot about people coming to your site due to following measures: 

  • Active Users: Users who are currently live on your store
  • Lifetime Users: Users you’ve acquired in the lifetime of your store
  • Audience: Know audience demographic and several other insights
  • User Explorer: Shows you how users react to the changes you make to your store
audience tab of google analytics

Next up is the Advertising reports. With Google Analytics, you can get insights about any Google Ad campaign you run for your store.

advertisement reports on google analytics

It also shows you Acquisition reports

Basically, this refers to how you acquire users, their behavior post acquisition, and conversion pattern.

acquisition overview

You can also see user behavior in detail with Google Analytics.

behavior overview

There’s a lot more you can do with Google Analytics. Here’s a Google guide you can read and know all about its potential.

9. Hotjar – A Dropshipping Tool to Boost Conversions

David Darmanin founded Hotjar in 2014. According to the company, about 900,000 websites leverage Hotjar.

leverage hotjar to increase conversions

Let’s see how you can leverage this tool to know user behavior and use it to your advantage.

Hotjar gives you heatmaps of every single page on your store. 

Heatmaps are visual representations of where users click, move, and scroll on your store.

heat maps and visual representation bt hotjar

With this thing, you can know where to put your prominent buttons and icons to increase conversions.

Putting up something like this, you can record every user’s journey on your store. 

The moment a user lands on your store, their screen will be recorded. 

With each recording, you can see the user’s:

  • Mouse clicks 
  • Mouse movements
  • U-turns
  • Rage clicks

Identify where your funnel can be optimized and solve major problems in seconds.

video recording of customers on website

Create surveys for your customers with Hotjar. Know what’s bothering them on each page of your store.

create surveys for your audience with hotjar

And then, put these surveys below each page and ask users to fill them.

To get an insight from your customers, you can also Insert a real-time suggestion box on your page. 

insert real time suggestion box

10. Tailwind – A Dropshipping Tool to Promote Your Store On Social Media

Daniel Maloney founded Tailwind in 2012. Since then, over 500,000 of the world’s leading brands and 400 top agencies leveraged Tailwind.

The platform makes the promotion of your business easier on social media, specifically on Pinterest and Instagram.

promote your dropshipping store on social media with tailwind

The tool lets you automate social media post designs. 

It has the ability to generate hundreds of posts optimized for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

automate post generation on instagram and pinterest

With Tailwind, you can customize each design and personalize posts to sync with your brand’s theme.

customize each post to suit your brand

You can also schedule posts for a whole week in just 15 minutes.

schedule your social media posts with tailwind

Here’s a small infographic published by Tailwind. It shows what results their customers get:

tailwind infographic
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