Shopify Retargeting Apps You Should Know About in 2021

Shopify Retargeting best app
Shopify Retargeting best app

Sellers are making millions of dollars every year leveraging Shopify retargeting apps. Integrating these, they’re enjoying benefits like increased sales, improved store traffic, loyal engagement from customers, and so on.

With the ever-increasing competition in the eCommerce domain, it’s imperative to have every available leverage on your side. Otherwise, how would you outcompete?

Anyway, here I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best Shopify retargeting apps that can enhance your store’s potential instantly. So, let’s get started!

1. Ads by Varinode

Ads by Varinode was developed by Varinode Inc. in 2017. The app has been rated 4.5/5 and has 3767 reviews on the Shopify app store.

logo of varinod ads retagrgeting app

Features of Ads by Varinode

  • Easily create new ad campaigns and ads in a few clicks
  • Ability to create targeted ads based on gender, interests, and location
  • Deep Shopify integration with an option to import new products easily
  •  Ability to customize the look and feel of your ads to match your store theme.
  • Real-time analytics reports for credit exchange earnings

Pros & Cons of Ads by Varinode


  • Varinode provides Deep ad customization options to enhance the look and feel of ads
  • Seamless Shopify integration to get started right away


  • Occasional performance hiccups may put off some users 
  • Ad approval may be delayed sometimes leading to lost sales opportunities

Ads by Varinode is an Ad exchange network which means you get exchange credits whenever someone clicks on ads displayed on your store. However, there are no paid plans available yet.

2. Ads by Sixads

Free Traffic and Ads by Sixads is developed by bitREC. The app has a rating of 4.5/5 and has 3428 reviews on the Shopify app store.

ads by sixads retargeting app

Features of Ads by Sixads

  • Get real-time performance analytics for Shopify retargeting deployed on yours and partner stores
  • All in one ad manager to manage all the ads from a single interface
  • Automated ad management that removes out of stock product ads
  • Expansive and seamless targeted ad setup options

Pros & Cons of Ads by Sixads


  • New users will find the simple ad setup options highly useful for Shopify retargeting
  • Automated Ad Manager saves you ad exchange credits for out of stock products


  • Limited product import options
  • Payment required for a few basic ad features, usually free on other platforms

You can integrate Ads by Sixads for free on your Shopify store. If we talk about paid plans, they start at $14.99/month.

3. Adroll

Adroll is a Shopify dynamic remarketing app founded by Nextroll in 2007. The app has a 4.4/5 rating and has 254 user reviews to go with it.

logo of adroll retargeting app

Features of Adroll

  • Sophisticated audience targeting over huge sites like Facebook and Instagram
  • Real-time insights for deployed Shopify retargeting campaigns
  • Email marketing integration enables store owners to mass-send emails to prospective customers
  • Deep performance analytics for seamless KPI, conversion, and sales tracking
  • Cross channel integration with Mailchimp, AdWords, and Privy

Pros & Cons of Adroll


  • Mailchimp integration for seamless email marketing
  • AI driven product carousel that aids conversion rates


  • Relatively more expensive than competing Shopify retargeting apps
  • Complicated initial setup and may require a certain level of expertise to leverage all the features

Adroll provides basic ad features in the free plan. You can choose to pay for plans starting at $25/month. Besides, there is also an option to increase the number of emails included with every plan, which starts at $19/month.

4. Dynamic Retargeting by Rontar

The Dynamic Retargeting app was developed by the Rontar Group with the first version released in 2011. The app currently holds a 4.2/5 rating and 248 user reviews.

logo of dynamic retargeting app by rontar

Features of Dynamic Retargeting by Rontar

  • Seamlessly track conversion rates, revenue and profits from a single dashboard
  • Expansive ad customisation options to enhance brand awareness
  • Easy to use campaign creation interface 
  • Ability to generate ads based on customer behavior

Pros & Cons of Dynamic Retargeting by Rontar


  • Interest based ad display algorithm which significantly enhances conversion rates
  • Quick initial setup that enables store owners to configure their ad campaign in a few clicks
  • Seamless deployment as the app does not require Shopify integration to function and can be used right away


  • The relatively expensive pricing model charges you for the impressions  whether the sale gets through
  • Some users reported no bump in store performance metrics

You will be required to pay an initial $25 when you install the app and every time your ad balance runs low. The charges are based on the impressions that your ads receive.

5. Dynamic Retargeting for Google By AdNabu

The Dynamic Retargeting for Google app is developed by AdNabu Inc. It holds a rating of 4.7/5 and has 66 user reviews on the Shopify app store.

Adnabu review

Features of Dynamic Retargeting for Google

  • Create Shopify retargeting and remarketing tags and implement across all your pages easily
  • Simple installation and initial setup will be immensely useful for new users
  • High level of customizability enables store owners to deploy creative ads
  • Automatic ad implementation as no manual code change is required
  • Seamless audience targeting and dynamic ad creation can be performed from right within the simple app interface

Pros & Cons of Dynamic Retargeting by Google


  • Excellent customer support mechanism and you can expect resolution to common issues in just a few hours
  • Integrate tracking pixels on any page of your choice


  • Only integrates with Google Ad services and if you want to integrate other ad networks, better look elsewhere
  • A bit expensive as it only targets customers on Google Ad networks

At $9.99/month that only includes Google retargeting, the price certainly seems to be on the higher side. If this limitation doesn’t bother you, just give it a go!

6. Admonks: Automated Retargeting

Admonks is a powerful dynamic remarketing app developed by Admonks LLC. The app currently has a 4.2/5 rating and 62 user reviews.

admonks automated retargeting

Features of Admonks: Automated Retargeting

  • AdBlock resistant retargeting ensures your ads won’t be blocked by savvy users using the AdBlock extension
  • Ability to leverage client testimonials in ads that directly enhance your ad’s appeal
  • Ability to deploy automated marketing campaigns as the app can analyse high performing ad avenues without any manual inputs
  • Availability of custom frames to tailor your ad for any occasion
  • Advanced pixel delay control to weed out accidental visitors and conserve valuable ad investments

Pros & Cons of Admonks


  • The AdBlock resistant pixel integration feature makes it one of the few apps that have this capability
  • Attractive pricing structure where the ad fee is calculated on the basis of revenue generated through the app 
  • The 28 day trial period enables store owners to analyse the app’s performance before making any commitments


  • As their website states, this app is only suitable for stores that receive >100 visitors a day
  • Slightly buggy. May be resolved in future app updates

The comprehensive 28 day trial period and an attractive pricing plan make Admonks an attractive value proposition for medium to high traffic Shopify storefronts.

7. Dynamic Retargeting is a new kid on the block with just one user review and a 5/5 rating on the Shopify app store. 

releva dynamic retargeting

Features of

  • The app supports automatic creation of ad banners
  • AI based self-learning algorithms that promise an optimal ROI for your Shopify retargeting investments
  • Multiple ad network integrations such as Google, OpenX, Rubicon project and many more
  • You have the ability to manage your daily ad budget for effective utilisation of ad resources
  • Real-time statistics to measure ad performance and make changes on the go

Pros & Cons of


  • No payment plans and you only pay for your designated ad budget 
  • Controlled ad deployment which only shows ads to customers who are most likely to complete the purchase
  • GDPR complaint integration with compatibility for popular cookie consent providers such as Consentmanager, Usercentrics, among others


  • The user base is slim and the platform is relatively new
  • Less appealing UI may deter some users

The app is free to install for a 30 day trial and you even get a 30 Euro ad credit to begin with. Chances are that this may be a promotional offer so grab it while it lasts!

8. Automated Retargeting Ads 

The Automated Retargeting Ads app is developed by Meazy. It currently has a 3.9/5 rating with only 2 user reviews on the Shopify app store.

Meazy review

Features of Automated Retargeting Ads

  • Automatic banner creation to save your time and resources
  • The app provides a multitude of Shopify retargeting strategies that address store-specific issues
  • Ability to automatically update ads in real-time to reflect price and information changes
  • You can deploy Shopify retargeting strategies in a few clicks and start attracting visitors to your store

Pros & Cons of Automated Retargeting Ads


  • Start with as low as $1 advertising budget which new store owners will certainly enjoy
  • A range of retargeting strategies available just a few clicks away


  • Relatively simple app and competitors are now offering far more expansive feature sets
  • Temporary inability to retarget EU traffic and the app does not provide full coverage for North American traffic retargeting

Automated Retargeting Ads by Meazy will find new Shopify businesses as it’s takers owing to the flexible cost options. $1 gets you a lot of value here!

9. Facebook Countdown Retargeting

The Facebook Countdown Retargeting app is developed by TopVid and focuses solely on Facebook ads. It currently has a 3.5/5 rating and 2 user reviews on the Shopify app store.

Facebook countdown

Features of Facebook Countdown Retargeting

  • The app leverages the Facebook pixel feature and your Facebook account which ensures you stay on top of your ad activities
  • Interactive countdown ad deployment on Facebook leads to enhanced engagement rates
  • Real-time syncing of the ad with your website. This ensures consistency within your ad and the intended landing page

Pros & Cons of Facebook Countdown Retargeting


  • Interactive countdown time based ads immensely enhance the ad engagement levels
  • Time based ad algorithm instils a purchase urgency among buyers and gives a ‘purchase push’


  • Barebones feature set as the app only provides Facebook retargeting leaving other platforms in the mist
  • The app does not include a privacy policy which may prove to be an issue with GDPR compliant markets

The app is as basic as it gets and considering their pricing plans which start at $19/month and go up to $299/month, there are certainly better options to be had elsewhere.

10. RetargetApp

RetargetApp is provided by Ad Intelligence INC and is yet another app for Facebook retargeting. It has a 4.2/5 rating with 356 user reviews as of writing this article.

Retarget App

Features of RetargetApp

  • One click ad creation and seamless ad deployment over Facebook and other partner networks
  • Google Ads integration enables you to advertise on Google, Gmail, YouTube and Google Shopping (currently in beta)
  • Ad campaign results are directly accessible through the Facebook Ad Manager
  • High-quality customer support to answer any user queries, available 7 days a week

Pros & Cons of RetargetApp


  • Multi-channel integration is very useful when managing multiple ad network deployments
  • Payments directly charged through Shopify and Facebook which ensures a high level of security


  • Questionable analytics and there are instances of the app showing dubious results at times
  • The highest tier plan that includes the full feature set comes in at $499, which is a bit on the higher side

Starting at $19/month, RetargetApp might be helpful to some extent. But their higher tier plan prices may sway a few users from the app.

Which One is the Best Shopify Retargetting App in 2021?

These are the 10 best Shopify retargeting apps that can be leveraged to boost your sales. With the plethora of Shopify retargeting apps to choose from, finding the one that suits your needs might be more convoluted than it seems. 

If you have recently set up your Shopify store which requires cost-effective retargeting, you can give Admonks a try owing to their unique pricing structure. But if you are already receiving a ton of traffic on your store front, opting for the more feature-rich (and expensive!) Sixads makes much better sense.

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