CBD Dropshipping Guide – The Only Piece You Need to Read

CBD Dropshipping Guide
CBD Dropshipping Guide

CBD Dropshipping is a recent trend that arrived in the yard of the Dropshipping sector. Experts predict this business to grow up to $20 Billion by 2024. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity, right? 

Honestly, we humans fear the unknown, nobody likes uncertainty or risk. We wait for other people to try new things before we do. But sometimes it becomes too late and we miss the opportunity. 

However, when you’re one of the first people to try newer, riskier things, there are a set of mind-boggling opportunities that are hard to imagine coming your way. 

The CBD Dropshipping industry is about to blow up and you can make the most out of this by jumping early on the train. Let’s see how!

What is CBD? 

In case you’re not familiar, CBD is a short form for cannabidiol. It’s a compound found in the cannabis plant. It’s extracted from the popular plant marijuana and its less-popular cousin, Hemp. 

CBD can’t make you high but what makes you high is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is a different compound that is psychoactive and hence, more effective than CBD. 

what is cbd

The Working of CBD Dropshipping

If I have convinced you to at least think about setting up a CBD Dropshipping business, read further. I’ll tell you how simple & easy it is to set up a brand new CBD Dropshipping business. Also, why you must consider taking this leap. Don’t regret not doing this now, just like many of us regret not buying bitcoin earlier. 

Shopify and Dropfied, plus a bit of creativity, that’s all it takes to set up your very own online business. Just follow the process that I’m about to give you and you’ll be making thousands of dollars in no time. 

The Dropshipping Process

  1. A customer will visit your marketed website and look for all the products on it
  1. A little marketing on your website convinces your customer to buy that product and you receive a notification for it
  1. Once you click on this notification and get all of its details, all you gotta do is forward them to your Dropshipping partner to do the rest for you
  1. Your Dropshipping partner will see those details and pack the product you asked them to
  1. Your customer receives his package. 

That’s all you have to do to set up an online business. 

CBD has become popular recently and many people are open to using it. This is arguably the best time to own a CBD Dropshipping business because the competition is relatively low and opportunities are abundant. Few people have realised its sales potential, but you can make a lot of money by selling CBD products. 

Key Points to set up your first Dropshipping Business

Now that you have understood the Dropshipping process, I’ll help you with setting up your CBD Dropshipping business online. You need Shopify and Dropified to do this. But before that you’d need an authentic CBD product supplier.  

One of the best CBD suppliers in the US is Diamond CBD. Diamond CBD Dropshipping is a reliable & convenient supplier if you are looking for a CBD dropshipping supplier. They have a wide range of products and you can look at them here.

In the US, Shopify helps merchants to sell CBD products online albeit you follow their set of rules and regulations. You will also have to comply with their legal obligations.  

Open your Shopify store first, you can use a 14-day trial before you decide to put any of your money into it. 

Now start using Dropfied. Dropfied will help you customise labels and build your own brand to go with. Also, you won’t have inventory issues or problems with a minimum order. Relax. Dropfied has plenty of tutorials online on how to set up a business on its platform. 

But here’s the gist of it. 

  1. Pick your niche and set up your website
  2. Choose your shopping platform (we suggest Shopify but Woocommerce is good too)
  3. Design your store (Get creative)
  4. Get SSL certificates & set-up payment 
  5. Connect your shop to Dropified
  6. Organize how your shop will look 
  7. Research your products and add them to Dropified 
  8. Learn how to fulfil orders 
  9. Market your brand

Once you learn how to set up your own business, you’d have to optimise your store. That’s where the genuine work begins. Here are a few tips on how to optimise your CBD dropshipping store: 

Images/Videos of Your Product Work Best

Yes, people want to know what’s in your product, but it’s also important to create an amazing first impression. First impressions are all about the look and feel you provide to your customer for your brand. So, spend heavily on pictures & videos of your business.

Know Your Target Audience 

Your target audience is the one who is going to make you money. Narrow down your focus to pleasing your best buyers and your business will bloom. 

Develop A Search Engine on Your Website

It’s important to make it easy for your customers to find the product they are looking for on your website. Developing a search engine that helps your customer find his product quickly is optimal. Your search engine will also provide your customers with distinct suggestions for other products at your store. This means more money for you.  

Strategize Your Shipping Costs

There are 2 ways to make more money. One is to sell more and the other is to save more. This tip will save you more money on your shipping. Therefore, find the best strategy that works for your business and its shipping costs by researching online. 

Give Plenty of Call to Action

Customers don’t need to go through your entire website to buy your product. It’s very important to give your customer plenty of calls to action. What’s a call to action? The buy button on your website. 

That’s how Dropshipping works. It’s easy to do once you get a hang of it. Besides, the opportunities are unlimited. I’m sure you have more questions though, read further. 

Well, it’s easy to identify why there is so much interest in CBD and its products. It has plenty of health benefits and it’s a feel-good natural by-product from Hemp. But, it does not convince a lot of countries and states around the world for its use and efficacy yet. 

A lot of states and their government, just because of hemp’s resemblance with cannabis, control the selling of CBD.

However, there is plenty of difference between the 2 plants and few people understand it. CBD is a highly controlled substance that comes under the United Nations Drug Convention. 

The United States and Europe have legalized Dropshipping of CBD products on their continents with controlled regulatory measures. But sadly, it’s banned in Canada, Australia, and a few countries within Asia.  

The United States

It is legal to grow hemp in all 50 states in America. It’s workable to legalize these products in the country. But yes, cannabis or marijuana is not legal in all parts of the USA because of the psychoactive compound THC. Hemp has a very low (0.3%) concentration of THC. That’s why the US government found it safe to legalize hemp all over the country. 

So basically, CBD can’t make you high because its THC is low. 


Cannabis is legal in the entire country but you can’t dropship CBD simply because it’s against the law. The reason is that the production, supply and sale of marijuana, and hemp are under the control of the Canadian government. This means it’s not possible to dropship this product in Canada. In fact, you can buy cannabis in Canada but only in very limited quantities. It’s mostly used as a medicinal herb in the country, similar to parts of the USA. 


Different countries have different laws in Europe. But generally speaking, only 0.2% THC concentrate CBD oil or products may be sold on the continent. There is speculation that this will be brought down to 0.1% in the near future. There are plenty of restrictions in marketing your CBD products as well. For example, you can’t sell products with CBD labels like benefits, ingredients, or details on them. This is surely a big turn off if you are Dropshiping CBD  in Europe.


Dropshipping is not possible again, because to buy marijuana or CBD you need a medical prescription, similar to Canadian laws. 

Australia legalized marijuana only in 2016. The hemp & cannabis products are very strictly controlled here. So you can completely forget Dropshipping CBD in Australia.


Plenty of Asian countries prohibit the selling of CBD products in their country due to culture, politics, laws, etc. In some countries like Japan and India, it’s sparsely used and unclear if it’s allowed or not. But remember, countries that have legalized CBD are China, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand & the Philippines. 

In some countries, they grow hemp only for export. CBD Dropshipping in Asia is a much-debated topic. Asia, being the most populated continent on the globe, has the best scope for profit in the CBD dropshipping business. 

Note: Do your research regarding the laws in your country for the dropshipping of CBD products. We don’t want you to fall into any trouble. 

What CBD Products Can You Dropship?

As we have mentioned before, CBD is a popular product with very few sellers. CBD is commonly found through oil tinctures, edibles such as capsules & soft gels and topical such as creams and gels. You can split CBD into various categories such as: 

best cbd products to dropship

CBD Edibles 

Edibles are the fastest-growing sector of the CBD industry. They’re normally better than other forms of CBD because who doesn’t like to eat? The best CBD edibles are full of natural ingredients and free of additives like artificial flavours and corn syrup. 

cbd edibles

You can find CBD edibles in baked goods, candies, gummies, and other foods. You can dropship CBD edibles in the USA market because they have the highest sales as of 2021. 

As a matter of fact, CBD edibles are already outpacing other CBD products in the market. 

CBD Topical

CBD in gels, creams, sprays, and bath bombs used for aches and pains in people looking to use it for a massage or unblemished skin. These items are used directly on the skin. 

cbd topical products

CBD Sublingual Topical

This is the simplest and by far the most effective way of ingesting CBD as it comes in an oil bottle with a dropper alongside. 

cbd sublingual topical products

Use the dropper to ingest 1 drop of the oil below your tongue straight into your bloodstream. This is also the most popular form of CBD. 

CBD Capsules 

CBD capsules are similar to CBD oil but they’re more compact. Just pop a pill and you will be okay. These forms of CBD are for people looking for a straightforward way to ingest and those who like to stay away from CBD edibles.

cbd capsules

CBD Vaporizers

CBD vaporizers are instruments or tools made for people who like to inhale or smoke their CBD. This is a fun way to do it. 

cbd vaporizers

The best CBD Dropshipping companies have one thing in common: they all sell CBD oil and capsules. My personal suggestion would be to include these products in your store. 

Benefits Of CBD Dropshipping

We are all in for a Dropshipping business, as you have already read above. We feel Dropshipping gets an entire array of benefits when you start with it. Apart from money, there are other perks involved that you should really know about. 

It’s Easy 

Dropshipping is one of the simplest things to start a business with. There is so much information online on how to start your own Dropshipping business, you will never get enough of it. With Dropshipping, you don’t have to worry about who is making the product and how they do it. You can leave it to the experts. Here, you are literally selling expert made products with your label on them, isn’t that cool?

By the way, we have a 20 page guide on how to start a dropshipping business in 2021, you can read it too. 

Have Lots of Freedom

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to set up a location for your own business. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection. This means you can work from anywhere in the world with a network. 

Lots of Money to Make

CBD Dropshipping is a very new industry with its high product demands. This makes it a great market to enter and make lots of profit. Once your brand is established, you don’t have to worry much about your business. 

It’s Cost-Effective 

The only costs you incur as a business owner are marketing your business and setting up your website/store/shipping partner. You don’t have to spend for your location, employees, product, product research, or any added costs, just don’t forget your licenses. 

The Pressure is Low  

Since your business is so cost-effective, you won’t be under any pressure to make a lot of money from it. The loss will be a lot less than starting an in-store business. You are the owner as well, so there’s need to have any targets or anyone to report either. 

Your Focus is Narrowed 

All your precious energy is given to marketing your business and making the most money out of it. Your focus is so narrowed, it’s hard to fail. 

Unlimited Potential  

The CBD Dropshipping industry is relatively new and has the potential to grow magnitudes in the following years. As far as I know, the UK and US are one of the two top places where you can get most of the money from CBD dropshipping in 2021. 

Is CBD Dropshipping Worth Leveraging in 2021?

In this article, we spoke about how CBD Dropshipping can make you a fortune and take you to the moon. Trust me, this thing has unrealized potential in the market and we suggest you exploit it. Setting up this business is easy, cost-friendly, and you don’t need any experience to do it.

is cbd legal?

CBD comes in various forms and each form has its own profitability. You can sell all CBD products under one chain or can choose to focus on one. For example, CBD Edibles Dropshipping only. 

That’s it, you’ve everything you need to start a CBD dropshipping business. By the way, make sure to consult with a legal person who knows the rules of your nation, as it varies from nation to nation and I can’t put rules of every country on a single page, right? 

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