8+ Shopify Payment Solutions You Should Know About in 2021

shopify payment solutions cover
shopify payment solutions cover

Shopify payment solutions are one of the most important aspects of any store. It’s for giving your customers comfort and ease of payment so that they won’t think about abandoning the cart due to payment problems.

What do you think about having multiple payment options in your store? Is it good? Bad? No idea?…

Well, according to studies, it’s observed that having multiple payment options in a store can boost conversion by 71%.

So, now let’s have a look at multiple Shopify payment solutions, their unique features, pros, and cons.

Inbuilt Shopify Payment Solutions You Can Leverage

Shopify payment solutions support a total of 8 methods that you can try and set up for your customers to pay with. Let’s have a look at each of these in detail.

shopify payment solutions inbuilt

Enable Net Banking and Other Ways to pay

With net banking, you can also select the option of payment via debit or credit card and UPI. Shopify integrates with several payment gateways that you can make use of to set quick payments.

shopify payment solutions for net banking

Enable Cash On Delivery Method

To enable cash on delivery, Shopify has its own app called – Advanced Cash on Delivery which gives you full control over:

  • When cash on delivery can be used
  • Which pin codes can avail this payment method
  • The minimum transaction value to opt for cash on delivery
  • Configuring COD fees according to location

A Pro Tip: To make your store stand out, upload the postal codes where people can avail COD and add a small snippet on every product page. Trust me, this will increase your conversion rate for sure!

The Buy Now, Pay Later Shopify Payment Solution

When you sell wholesale products and get a lot of orders daily, Buy now, Pay later is a great method for boosting your conversions. You can allow some of your buyers to pay in a few months of installments, which is also called EMI.  

Major Third-Party Integration Shopify Payment Solutions

Get Started with PayU Shopify Integration

PayU is a fintech company founded by Laurent le Moal in 2002. The headquarters of the company is in Hoofddorp, Netherlands.

is payumoney good shopify payment solutions

Features of PayU

  • Gives Shopify merchants a special discounted price that starts from 0.4% per transaction
  • Zero fees for transactions over a certain minimum transaction (amount varies country to country)
  • Supports payments via 100+ currencies
  • Get money in just 24 hours
  • Ability to accept recurring payments via the subscription platform
  • Set EMI payment options to increase conversions

Pros & Cons of PayU


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Supports EMI payments


  • No free trial

All in all, the PayU is great for those who have used it before somewhere and already know its potential. The reason it doesn’t give a free trial is a bit annoying though. But still, it’s alright, considering the quality of process you get for transactions. 

Integrate Shopify with PayPal

PayPal is one of the largest payment processors online. Palo Alto founded it around the year 1998 in California, USA.

is paypal good shopify payment solutions

Features of PayPal

  • Get a 180-day money-back guarantee in case any issues arise with your transactions
  • PayPal is a globally recognized and almost every 3rd person have heard it 
  • One-touch for quick transactions
  • Enables guest payment for customers without a Paypal account with PayPal Express

Pros and Cons of PayPal


  • A mobile-friendly transaction gateway
  • High encryption and security to protect transactions
  • Record all the transactions


  • High transaction charges
  • Your account can go into the ‘freeze’ state without any notification

Being a worldwide recognized wallet, PayPal is of great use for those who dropship worldwide. Yes, the transaction fee is high but the security and encryption it provides are top-notch.

CyberSource and Shopify Integration

CyberSource was founded in 1994 by William S Mckiernan in California, USA. It’s an eCommerce credit card payment system.

cybersource payment solutions for shopify

Features of CyberSource

  • Integrate CyberSource to various other known platforms like PayPal and encrypt your transactions
  • Accept payment-in-store (POS) via CyberSource
  • The platform can be used worldwide due to its recognition and usage
  • Learn about advanced fraud strategies and payment fraud management insights from IDC (international data corporation) 
  • Keep sensitive transaction data in a private space 

Pros and Cons of CyberSource


  • Reliable and heavily encrypted platform
  • Mobile payments are available


  • Doesn’t have the feature for recurring billing

Seamlessly Integrate Pinwheel with Shopify 

Pinwheel is an eCommerce payment gateway that thrives on simplifying your transactions. The company was founded by 3 young entrepreneurs – Anish Basu, Curtis Lee & Kuri Lin in 2019.

pinwheel payment gateway for shopify

Features of Pinwheel

  • Get payment approval in 24 to 48 hours
  • The transaction fee rates are as low as 1%
  • Pinwheel manages high-risk accounts just the right way
  • No annual fees to be paid for the pro plan

Pros and Cons of Pinwheel


  • No maintenance or setup fee
  • Has a free plan


  • A new platform, so it’s not yet popular and recognized worldwide

Pinwheel is a comparatively new platform but has some great set of features. I know payments are not a thing to experiment with. You can’t just keep testing gateways after gateways. So only use it when you feel like it. 

Make Your Payment Process Smooth with DigiPay

DigiPay is a worldwide recognized transaction platform known for its underwriting, risk management, and technological innovations.

digipay payment gateway

Features of DigiPay

  • The DigiPay payment gateways provide real-time processing, seamless integration, and the ability of recurring billing
  • Get a team of experts with DigiPay who take care of all the technicalities as well as maintenance of the account
  • Get all the information about the profit leaks and always have a knowledge of your money’s trail 
  • Has a set of tools to prevent chargebacks, friendly-frauds as well as organized frauds

Pros and Cons of DigiPay


  • Gives you transaction analytics
  • Has a dedicated data vault to keep transaction information safe


  • To access the DigiPay service, we have to fill an application for approval

I won’t think twice to announce the fact that this platform has got the best features. But, taking approval is a bit hectic and dicey. Some people get approval in the first go and some apply multiple times.

Divido and Shopify Integration

Divido is a Financial service company that was founded in the year 2014 by Christer Holloman in London, UK. It’s a fast and flexible platform for lenders and retailers.

divido and shopify integration for payments

Features of Divido

  • The platform eliminates the need to handle multiple accounts for multiple locations; a single platform can be integrated with all locations
  • Divido makes it easy to bring changes in financial strategies 
  • The platform is tested and proved worldwide

Pros and Cons of Divido


  • Supports buy now, pay later 
  • Ease of integration


  • Could be tricky to start off with for a beginner

Inbuilt Shopify Payment Option Vs Third-Party Payment Solutions

Here are some crucial aspects which would help you draw a line between Shopify and Third-party payment solutions. Let’s see which one would be best. 

FeatureInbuilt Shopify Payment SolutionThird-Party Payment Solution
AccessibilityAvailable only in some countriesMany platforms are recognized and used worldwide
Payment optionsMultiple optionsAll platforms have all payment options
CostFree to useSome platforms have free and subscription plans
Transaction feeOnly goods and service taxGoods and service tax along with transaction fee
Free Trial14-day free trial availableMost platforms don’t give you a free trial

Which Payment Solution Should You Go for?

So, the big question – Which payment solution should we use for Shopify?

The answer is – In-Built Shopify payment solutions, provided it’s available in your country. Just check Shopify’s official website to know if the inbuilt-payment option is available at your place and save a lot of integration problems, and manage the gateway easily.

However, for some of you, the inbuilt Shopify payment solutions won’t be available. In that case, give customers a free product, YAY! Haha, just kidding!

Just select a third-party payment solution that’s recognized worldwide and used as well, such as PayPal or Cybersource.

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