Best Single Product Shopify Theme in 2021 – Pick These 10!

Best Single Product Shopify Theme
Best Single Product Shopify Theme

A single product Shopify theme have been making rounds on the internet ever since the advent of eCommerce.

Over the years, Shopify has created multiple templates for its users. Choosing one that fits the requirements of your e-Business is a tardy process.

To save you from the hassles of choosing the perfect Shopify template, we have come up with a list of the top 10 best single page Shopify themes. 

Top 10 Single Page Shopify themes in 2021 

Citrus – One Page Shopify Theme 

Citrus is one of the top-ranking single page Shopify themes designed by Buddha Themes. It is an aesthetic theme. Stores like jewellery, watches and digital gadgets can highly benefit from the elegant style of this theme. 

citrus single page shopify theme

Here are the features of Citrus: 

Features of Citrus 

  • Citrus is compatible with browsers that include IE9, IE10, IE 11, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox 
  • This theme is created with Shopify 2.0 
  • Files include CSS files and JS files for a catchy display
  • The layout of Citrus is highly responsive 
  • Contains powerful admin module for theme management 
  • The theme contains integrated Google fonts 
  • Slider effect added for customer engagement 
  • Custom styled checkout and member section available 

Pros & Cons of Citrus 


  • Citrus offers customizable options for layout details
  • Parallax Effect granting a 3D view 
  • Works with various browser 
  • Looks good on various devices 
  • Provides smooth functioning 


  • Customizable options are slightly difficult to operate 
  • Can be hard to understand for a new user 
  • Does not support high resolution 

Citrus is best for you if you are looking for a single product store. Since Citrus is highly responsive and customizable, it is a perfect candidate for our ‘10 Best single page Shopify themes in 2021’ list. 

Xcop – One-page Entertainment-Based Shopify theme

Xcop is one of the best digital entertainment themes by Shopify in 2021. It can be used for services like TV entertainment, luxury music shopping, projectors, and other devices. Xcop is designed by Buddha Themes. 

xcop single page shopify theme

Read on to know more about the features of XCop: 

Features of XCop

  • XCop is created with Shopify 2.0 
  • It supports over 4 columns 
  • CSS files and JS files are included 
  • Ajax shopping cart and product filter added 
  • Inbuilt newsletter pop-up feature 
  • Compatible with all the latest browsers
  • Order tracking feature available 
  • Quick shop and Cloud Zoom available 

Pros & Cons of XCop 


  • Highly responsive layout 
  • Inbuilt strong admin panel 
  • Easy to customise 
  • Various selling and customer engagement features present 


  • No high resolution provided 
  • Crowded menu 
  • No Gutenberg Ready 

Xcop is surely one of the best themes in the market. It has an attractive layout and is fully equipped with customer management tools. It is one of the best electronic one-page Shopify templates in 2021. Those who are looking forward to starting an online electronic business should definitely consider this Shopify theme. 

Single Store – Minimal one-page Shopify Theme 

Single Store is one of the most elegant minimalist one-page Shopify themes available in 2021. It is created by Xlent Themes.

single store single page shopify theme

Here are the feature of the Single Store Shopify theme: 

Features of Single Store theme

  • Compatible with several internet browsers 
  • Well documented 
  • Built-in Bootstrap slider 
  • Unlimited colours available 
  • Newsletter feature in-built 
  • Detailed product labelling and structuring 
  • Swatch style integrated 
  • Cross-browser support available

Pros & Cons of Single Store 


  • Various customer engagement tools available 
  • Smooth functioning due to Cross-browser and Product labelling 
  • Elegant layout and design 
  • Great compatibility


  • Single column provided 
  • No high resolution provided 

Single Store is one of the most elegant and minimalist Shopify themes.  It is easy to use and understand and easy to operate. It is a definite recommendation for those who are looking forward to venturing into eCommerce. 

iooi – A Modern Shopify Theme

Iooi is created by Buddha Themes. This theme is predominantly used by entrepreneurs who are into the medical-related eCommerce business. 

modern shopify theme iooi

Here are the features of iooi, which make this theme a perfect match for medical businesses: 

Features of iooi 

  • Highly optimised for premium quality service 
  • Drag and Drop Shopify builder available 
  • Stylish Slider integrated 
  • Ajax Wishlist and Tag filter integrated 
  • Product comparison available 
  • 50+ homepage sections for smooth functioning 
  • User friendly and highly customizable 

Pros & Cons of iooi 


  • Reliable support provided 
  • Extended support available 
  • Social media integrated 
  • SEO optimised 
  • Highly optimised and mobile-friendly 


  • No High resolution 
  • Url structure is not 100% customizable 

Iooi has a highly optimised and customer-friendly layout, which is necessary for retaining customers in the long run. The social integrations this theme has to offer is one of its best features. It is a definite yes when it comes to choosing a template for your business. 

Acua is a soothing one-page theme created specifically for health stores. It has a very calm layout and offers a colour pallet that is appealing and comforting. 

best medical store theme acua

Here are the features of Acua:

Features of Acua

  • Social integration for customer engagement 
  • Integrated SEO for better results 
  • Google fonts added 
  • Coded with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 
  • Extensive documentation added 
  • Support system available for customer queries and problems 

Pros & Cons of Acua  


  • Soothing themes and setup 
  • Faster loading available 
  • Various browser compatibility 
  • Highly responsive layout 
  • Customer support available 


  • No High Resolution available 
  • Minimalist design 
  • Tailored for health-related eBusiness

Acua is highly recommended to those who are looking forward to setting up a medicines-related eCommerce business. It comes with no hassles and can be operated without any prior knowledge of coding. For these reasons, Acua has been one of the top-selling Shopify themes in the market. 

Electro – Gadget & Devices Shopify Theme 

Electro is one of the highest-grossing themes provided by Arena Commerce. Such a theme comes with optimized colour pallets and it’s also less crowded than other electronic services related themes. 

best electronic gadgets theme electro

Here are the best features of Electro: 

Features of Electro 

  • Fast and easy installation 
  • Unlimited designs to choose from 
  • Customizable headers 
  • One of the best and uncomplicated Mega Menu in the market 
  • Variation Swatches are built-in 
  • Advanced and Custom Metafields 
  • Predefined page templates available with specific block layout 
  • Customer engagement tools available 

Pros & Cons of Electro 


  • Simplistic design 
  • Clear and direct layout 
  • Built-in customer support features 


  • Relatively high costing template 
  • Too many paid setups 

Electro is surely different from all the other electronic eBusiness related templates in the market in 2021. It has a clear and distinctive look and a relatively good rating on the internet.

More importantly, it’s one of the most elegant themes that are readily available for electronic and digital eCommerce business. This template is quite experimental and is a go-to option for several entrepreneurs. 

Handy – One-page Luxury Goods Shopify Theme 

Handy is one of the best templates of 2021 by Arena Commerce. It has been specially integrated and optimised for small screens like mobiles. 

best luxury goods shopify theme handy

Following are the features of Handy: 

Features of Handy 

  • Mobile-first design 
  • Search-focused menu provided 
  • Multi-column menu provided 
  • In-built quick link contact bar 
  • Custom promotion tiles available 
  • Free theme update provided 

Pros & Cons of Handy 


  • Easy theme setups 
  • Amazing support system 
  • Aesthetic layout 


  • Low functionality 
  • UX can be further developed 
  • Pricey template 

Handy is specifically created for mobile viewing thus it is the best fit for selling luxury clothing business. It has a simplistic and elegant layout that makes it more appealing. The support system of this theme is also worth mentioning. Overall it is a good template but is a bit pricey.  

Furnito – Furniture store Shopify theme 

Furnito is a highly responsive Shopify template created by Template Monster. It is packed with all the necessary eCommerce tools. 

best furniture store shopify theme furnito

Read on to know more about this template’s features: 

Features of Furnito 

  • Responsive design and layout 
  • Bootstrap 3.0  supported 
  • Strong Admin panel  
  • Customised Modules 
  • Multiple languages supported 
  • Web forums included 

Pros & Cons of Furnito 


  • Future updates available 
  • 6 months of support provided 
  • Extended support available 
  • Online Chat support available 
  • SEO optimisation 


  • Highly-paid theme 
  • Costly add-ons 

Furnito is one of the best themes out there in the market. However, it is relatively costlier than its peers. It is best suited for luxury goods. Pre-established business models can highly benefit from this Shopify template. 

Ella – Multipurpose Shopify theme 

Ella is a multipurpose Shopify template created by Halo Themes. It is an all-in-one Shopify template that grants its users multiple layouts. 

best multipurpose shopify theme ella

Read on to know more about this top-notch Shopify template: 

Features of Ella 

  • 17+ homepage layouts and skins 
  • 16+ child themes 
  • RTL support 
  • Multiple languages available
  • High-Resolution feature 
  • Compatible with Bootstrap 4.x 
  • Layered PSD and CSS files 

Pros & Cons of Ella 


  • Easy to Use 
  • Fast and optimised navigation 
  • Smart search options 
  • Highly updated 


  • High pricing 

Ella is one of the most attractive templates in the market. It is highly recommended and holds the second position in our list of best one page Shopify themes. It’s is highly customizable and can perform a high range of functions. Those who are looking to grow their eCommerce business must consider this template before making a purchase. 

Wokiee – Single Shopify theme 

Wokiee, created by P-Themes, is one the best themes in the current market. Reportedly, it has over 50,000 active users. 

wookie an elegant shopify theme

Read on to know more about the features of this Shopify theme: 

Features of Wokiee

  • Compatible with BootStrap 4.x 
  • Well documented presentation 
  • Excellent responsive layout 
  • High resolution provided 
  • Various skins added 
  • Elegant and clear design 
  • Pros 
  • Supports 3D model and videos 
  • Ajax support provided 
  • Quick view pop up 
  • Google rich snippet tools 

Pros & Cons of Wokiee


  • 3D support 
  • Easy to use 
  • High resolution 
  • Highly updated 


  • Pricey template 

Wokiee is so far the best template that we have come across. It provides the best and the most updated features. This template has garnered several eyes and has over 50000 active users, which shows the efficiency of this template.

The Best Single Product Shopify Theme You Want for Your Store

The above themes have been tested for a long time. The best single page Shopify theme depends on what store you’re planning to build.

Choosing a stunning theme is one of the pillars for your Shopify website. If you choose a theme that your audience doesn’t like, your bounce rate will be up the roof. The profits you expect to achieve will never be possible with a theme that’s not fit for your audience.

So, make sure to choose a theme that you think will be perfect for your audience.

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